The writer's path is always full of surprises!


  • 2/19/2016 - Coming soon, installments of Scroll 2 of The Adventures of the Shaolin Blade Tanzong! Further news in a few days or so.
  • 3/13/2014 - If you would like to read one of my movie scripts, you can find it on http://studios. "Empire of Light" is a combination of ScFi time travel and wuxia genres. To read the script as a PDF, look to the bottom left side of the page: Script 1 - "Albert's Original Draft" and hit the PDF key. While Amazon Studios have passed on it, I have two other feature-length projects that will be considered by them.
  • 3/2014 - The Director of the Penn State Asian Studies Program tells me he is once again using my novel, Dream of the Dragon Pool: A Daoist Quest in his RLST181 "Introduction to the Religions of China and Japan" course. He says, "Students do enjoy the book, a nice change from dry academic reading. For a survey class, the book works really quite well."
  • 12/01/2013 - The Wandering Blade website begins!