Welcome to my new (2013) site, Wandering Blade, which is a resetting of my original site: The Dragon Gate Inn. This site, as the former one, is devoted to my fiction writing, my thoughts about the genre I write in: wuxia (武俠) or Chinese style heroic fiction, and the art of storytelling in all its various forms.

The wuxia genre can be considered a sub-genre of historical fantasy. As all heroic style fiction it is a genre full of action and ideals, much as implied by the Chinese terms wu (martial) and xia (usually incorrectly translated as "chivalry", it is closer to "moral integrity"). As I continue to build this new website, I will add more information on the genre, its history, its modern globalized form, and the art of storytelling.

Briefly, I am a scholar of medieval Chinese history, longtime resident of East Asia, and practitioner of various Chinese arts who has turned my decades of life experience into fiction writing. I have produced a series of short stories written in the style of traditional Chinese tales of the supernatural, Strange Tales from the Dragon Gate Inn, a wuxia shenguai (heroic supernatural fiction) a novel, Dream of the Dragon Pool: A Daoist Quest, and the first volume of a projected wuxia series, The Adventures of the Shaolin Blade Tanzong. I also teach a genre related course in the Boston University Writing Program.

Upgrades and changes to this site will be ongoing. Moving your cursor over the main titles in the header menu will reveal drop-down menus. Do drop by my Facebook page and “like” me and click on the painting of the Dragon Gate Inn (below) to visit the artist's website.

Albert A. Dalia

The Dragon Gate Inn by Jinghua Gao Dalia

The Dragon Gate Inn by Jinghua Gao Dalia




The Immortal, Li Tieguai, sharpens his sword as he dreams of the Wandering Blade website!